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The same story as our original beloved book, Ummi Undecover - 2nd Edition is back with renewed illustrations that are bright, fun, and better than ever! 


Have you ever wondered, how your mom could possibly be so amazing at so many different things? Well, you’re not alone! “Ummi Undercover” is about young daughter’s fascination with her mother’s extremely diverse set of skills! Mothers and daughters are sure to love and identify with this colorful and charming book. The rhyme scheme of this story allows for a poem like flow, that you can sing, rap, or simply recite! This is a fun reminder that “Mother’s Day” should definitely be an everyday occasion! Great Mother’s Day gift to show the “super mom(s)” in your life, how grateful you are for all she does!


Ummi Undercover - 2nd Edition!


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    June 25th, Evanston, IL
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